About Us

NICC is NJIT's official Information & Cybersecurity Club. As a student run organization, we aim to give students practical experience in the information security and cybersecurity industries while building engagement and excitement through hands-on activities, community building, and networking events.

The members divide into teams each semester that compete in cybersecurity capture the flag events, design sprints, and more. Each semester has dedicated events to helping students get a firm grasp on cybersecurity concepts ranging from basic information including linux navigation to more advanced digital forensics and malware analysis or reverse engineering. By providing a safe environment for students to practice ethical hacking without a need for prior experience, the NJIT student body is able to enter the field with assisted guidance, better experience, and a network of peers to learn from.


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Alfred S.
President | 22-24
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David V.
Vice President
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Jolie S.
Press Secretary
Former Training Manager
Justin T.
Systems Administrator
Ricky H.
Project Manager
Noah J.
Technology Manager
Ashley S. head of design
Ashley S.
Head of Design
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Trent G.
Training Manager
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Rocko T.