Partnership Opportunities

Are you passionate about cybersecurity and looking to make a meaningful impact? Partner with the NJIT Information & Cybersecurity Club (NICC) and be a part of the next generation of cybersecurity experts.

NICC at JerseyCTF

Why partner with NICC?

  • Influence the next generation
    • NICC members are just now getting to know the companies and agencies that exist, as well as the tools that they will be using in the field.
  • Support Students
    • Running a student organization is hard - doing so with limited finances and access to tools is harder. By helping NICC, you can help our members get access to the tools used across the industry - at agencies and companies like your own!
  • Reduce Hiring Time & Costs

NICC's General Body Meeting

NICC's Executive Board

NICC members at a seminar